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Space Shuttle Start, Weltraumtechnik
Sentinel 1 Radar Vision Satellit, © ESA


Space, aerospace

  • LISA Pathfinder Front-end electronics: system engineering, coordination with the ESA, PCB layout, test engineering, CE tests
  • SADE METOP Development of stepper motor activation for the thruster orientation mechanism
  • Data acquisition card for the engine of the Sukoij Superjet 100: hardware/software development (control algorithm, DSO and uC), implementation and testing of the VHDL code for 2 CPLDs and 2 FPGAs, PCB layout and commissioning
  • LUNA gas mass spectrometers: sub-project management, system engineering, FPGA development and software development (2Gbit sample from ADC to FPGA, 20Gbit FPGA- internal processing)
  • CaSSIS (Camera for exploring the surface of Mars): sub-project management, system engineering, FPGA development, software development

Med tech

  • Hearing aids: support for the Development Team with new developments, both hardware and software
  • Blood analysis devices: concept studies, specification, hardware/software engineering, FPGA development, laser diode driver, barcode reader and chip card reader, PCB layout, industrialisation
  • Pipettor: implementation of a 96-channel pipettor, interface with the TCP server which monitors the hardware via RS485

Automotive, industrial, telecommunications

  • Motor filter PCB: design, layout, commissioning, industrialisation, production (>5 millions units p.a.)
  • GPS track and trace module for an e-bike: hardware/software development, PCB layout, prototyping, production, industrialisation, EMC and CE testing, server connection via GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth interface implemented
  • End of life ASIC replaced for a lift control system: reverse engineering, hardware/software development, PCB layout, production
  • Development of HMI for fuel cells: hardware/software development, PCB layout, prototyping, production
  • IP router for a VoIP solution: ASIC development